Citizen Report Card System - CiReCa - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg Public service providers, government personnel, private service providers, project managers, development aid organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations

Citizen groups are more likely to take collective action if they have information that is credible and hard to dispute. Independent media can be crucial in this process. Report card findings can bolster reform-minded bureaucrats and politicians wanting to change institutional incentives, improve motivation for service providers, including, doctors, nurses, teachers, and road maintenance teams and promote service innovations. There are several reasons why it is important to include citizens into the management of public services:

  • When public service providers seek greater citizen participation, they improve access to services and promote the exercise of rights, which strengthens the democratic process. Greater participation also means an increase in the responsibility of civil society to engage in public affairs.
  • By providing a better link and ties between the State and the citizens, a basis is created to jointly evaluate the performance of public service providers and to determine the overall satisfaction the consumers have with the services provided. Having determined the exact expectations and requirements of the citizens, the service providers are also in a better position to serve their clients
  • The only means to obtain public services that are effective, equitable, of high quality, and responsive to citizens’ needs and desires is by building mechanisms for participation. When citizens are involved in the design, evaluation and control of public services, a more transparent public management is promoted.