Low Cost Amateur Aerial Pictures with Balloon and Digital Camera - Advantages and Limitations

  • The production of ortho-photos is cost efficient,
    Production of ortho-fotos can be done independently by purchasing its own equipment,
  • The resolution of the pictures can be determined by the technical resolution of the camera and the altitude of the balloon (up to 1000 m above the ground),
  • The production of ortho photos can be done repeatedly on an individual scheldule (compared to aerial photography done by a private company), without tremendous costs (e.g. for ground monitoring),
  • Specially modified cameras (without infrared filter) can also show infrared reflections for a more detailed analysis of vegetation.
  • This methodology is not appropriate for surveying, land titling and cadastral applications below 1 m accuracy level,
  • Areas with permanent winds or cloud coverage can not be covered,
  • The rectification of made photos requires correctly rectified map material (e.g. for rubbersheeting),
  • Mountainous areas are not accessible and the result will be more likely to have less accuracy,
  • Starting of a balloon might require a permission from national avation authorities,
  • Electric power lines might interfere with the strings for positioning a balloon,
  • Technical Expertise is required for the “rubber sheeting” of not rectified pictures.