Choosing between alternative plans: An assessment approach - Advantages and Limitations

files/images_static/pros.jpg It combines both subjective and objective approaches. It is easy to use, can be adapted to most local settings. It is a transparent approach for selecting alternatives. It is not as complicated or expensive to implement compared to other economic selection criteria (i.e. cost-benefit, value analysis) and therefore lends itself to easy application.
files/images_static/cons.jpg The thought that one can actually create an objective selection system is flawed. All systems are inherently subjective, the human factor will see to that. In other words subjectivity is involved in the development of objective mechanisms. Criteria may be selected and made measurable. However, the process of deciding which criteria (or variables) to measure is a subjective process. Conclusion: You cannot have a purely objective selection process even if you wanted to therefore the choice is between a purely subjective system and a mix of subjective evaluation and measurable criteria.