Choosing between alternative plans: An assessment approach - Brief Description


In order to be able to choose between alternative planning proposals a degree of objectivity would be desirable. However, it is not always possible to develop a purely objective selection system, there is always a certain degree of subjectivity involved.

A mixture between objectivity and subjectivity provides a pragmatic approach and there are several reasons for this:
  1. Objective mechanisms have a place because they can be used to fairly eliminate a large number of different planning choices. From the small pool of choices remaining a more subjective evaluation can be undertaken.
  2. Objective criteria better enable a resolution of justice/perceived justice between the planning alternatives that are finally selected. The planner can explain to the politicians why certain planning choices were not selected (e.g. the second plan did not meet criteria x).
  3. With a purely subjective system it is difficult to explain to people why a plan was rejected/accepted.


Map 1: Three possible sites for a railway station

Location A:


Location B:


Location C: