Development Strategies/Policy

Date Method Example Owner
Peer-to-Peer Learning Approaches Modernizing Land Consolidation with Peer-To-Peer Learning in Serbia MAEP/GIZ/EU:RD-ELM
Rural Road Construction Strategy Community-Based Road Construction in Times of Conflict: Lessons learned from Rukum and Rolpa, Mid-Western Nepal GIZ-ILRA
Rural Road Construction Strategy Community-Based Road Construction for Livelihood Improvement in Far-Western Nepal GIZ-ILRA
2008/10 Conflict Sensitivity and Risk Management Strategy Examples are currently being processed  GTZ-FSRP
2008/02 Activity Mapping Mapping of Activities on Domestic Violence in Cambodia GTZ-LUPO
2004/08 Franchising Development Programmes Quality Management and Partnership Model, RCIW, Nepal RCIW
2004/06 Strengthening Local Self-Governance through Community Unions Community Development through Community Unions in Armenia FRCS
2004/04 Scenarios The ranching example scenario MethodFinder
2003/09 Gender Mainstreaming Gender Mainstreaming Approaches in Land Use Planning and Natural Resource Management in Ethiopia GTZ-LUPO
2003/02 Identification of Desertification Prone Areas Mapping Desertification Prone Areas in Lebanon CoDeL
2003/01 District Strategic Planning District Strategic Planning in Kilifi, Kenya KDDP
2002/05 Regional profile Planning of a Village in a District in North Africa MethodFinder
2002/05 Transect analysis Transect of a Protected Area MethodFinder
2002/05 Planning using the Project Planning Matrix (PPM) Electrification of Water Wells in Coastal Districts MethodFinder