Capacity Building for Democratic Local Governance - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg Governmental and non-governmental development agencies, line ministries in charge of decentralisation reforms, along with training institutions.

Good local governance builds on institutions, mechanisms and processes, through which citizens and their groups can voice their needs and interests, perform their stipulated rights and responsibilities. It requires local government institutions equipped with sufficient authority and resources capable to perform their functions in a responsive and accountable manner. It demands an active civil society able to identify and channel their concerns to their elected representatives.

The capacity building programme intends to improve upon local democracy, accountability, inclusiveness and responsiveness and thereby on the improved delivery of services. It is to enable and qualify the local population and their organisations, local selfgovernments and government administrations to perform their rights and responsibilities with increasing quality, ultimately improving upon their co-operation and co-ordination in development management and governance.

In particular the set of interventions is set out to:

  • build the capacity of local self-governments to perform stipulated roles and responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner, particularly to become more citizens-oriented, responsive and accountable in the performance of their functions;
  • enable intermediate government institutions to perform their advisory, support and co-ordination functions and to improve upon their responsiveness to local concerns;   
  • build the capacity of civil society representatives and organisations in order to play an active role in local governance and development processes;   improve upon the bargaining power and networking skills of local stakeholders;   
  • support the establishment and enforcement of mechanisms and processes promoting good governance standards and effective co-operation of development efforts;  
  • improve upon the efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services.