Regional Profile - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg Regional profiles are used by planners, communities, land developers, and prospective business investors to help them understand a region, or to undertake a feasibility study for potential investment in the region

 A regional profile is necessary to identify the future needs of people living in the region, province or community and its potential for development. Producing a regional profile provides the essential information base required for effective regional planning.

A regional profile is an important tool in the planning of:

  • Regional and local physical infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, sewerage, etc
  • Regional and local business and industrial development
  • Regional and local community services, such schools, health centres, hospitals etc., and
  • Regional and local environmental management, such as waste disposal, location of industry, etc.

The regional governments or councils or a regional planning units can prepare regional profiles. The profiles are prepared with assistance from all relevant government organisations, regional development committees, or a private consultant. Involving the local community as much as possible in an active way in a profile will help the people in the region to understand the results and make use of the findings.