Identification of Desertification Prone Areas - Main Users / Purpose

files/images_static/user.jpg Regional and land use planners, technical staff

After the UNCCD (United Nation Convention on Combating Desertification) was approved, the need to assess those areas sensitive to degradation processes and then define priority action areas, were raised as important steps in the study and comprehension of desertification processes. This was seen as being an important step in order to be able to efficiently combat the desertification process.

The following method provides a systematic procedure for the classification of a country, region or territory into levels of sensitivity to desertification. After apply the method, national, regional and local level planners will be able to determine so called “hot-spots” that require high priority as far as remedial action are concerned. The sensitive areas may require specific planning and management activities in order to either slow or better still reverse the degradation process. The complexity of the desertification process invariably requires a multi and intersectoral approach to be undertaken, something that has to be considered during the planning process.