Data Assessment Matrix - Advantages and Limitations

  • As an information manager for key data and information required for  district and village level planning, the district planner must always be in a position to be able to access the data, quickly and efficiently. Knowing where the information is will be a key to successfully managing the data.
  • Not only is such information important for the planner but also for the sectoral line agencies and all others undertaking planning work in the district (NGOs, INGOs, donor projects, etc.).
  • If a subjective assessment of the quality of data is provided, then the matrix can form a basis upon which improvements in the quality of data and the focusing of future data collection exercises can be undertaken more precisely.
  • Main disadvantage of the tool is that it is quite a time consuming exercise the result of which merely provides an overview of what is available.
  • Subjective impressions of the quality of data can be misleading at first sight. The need to update the rating scala with increasing knowledge of the situation becomes all the more important.